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Upgrading Animal Fats to produce High Specification Biofuels



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The depletion of mineral reserves and the resulting climate change has pushed the business community to seek new products based on residual raw materials.

The biofuels sector, in particular, faces significant challenges, as FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Esters) biodiesel is the only biofuel produced in Greece through technology that utilizes energy crops.

However, serious concerns have been raised about the process of substitution of food-producing farms for fuel production. Consequently, the search for new technologies to produce biofuels based on residual biomass is the driving force behind the creation of this industrial research proposal.

The proposed project aims to implement a research plan to investigate the potential of utilizing problematic waste to produce new high-quality biofuels.

More specifically, the project will investigate the potential of using animal fats as feedstock to produce new biofuels through two technologies, transesterification, and catalytic hydrogenation, aiming at:

the use of residual liquid biomass to produce new biofuels

the qualitative development of GRINCO's products (biofuels)

the safe and efficient introduction of new and improved products (alternative petrol and alternative kerosene) into the existing domestic market

strengthening the company's competitiveness and leadership in new markets inside and outside the EU

At the same time, the project includes a scaling study of the investigated technologies as well as a techno-economic study of their commercial exploitation with the perspective of integrating the optimal technology into the production processes of the company and creating new axes of commercial activity.

The ultimate objective of the project is also to evaluate the environmental impact of the technological processes under consideration to produce new biofuels (high energy content, zero impact on the development of microbial contamination, etc.), the comparison of which will highlight the best technology in terms of sustainability.

In this context, the proposed project includes industrial research activities and aims to respond to the emerging technological challenges of finding new sustainable energy sources.