Research and innovation for a cleaner and greener environment

with development programmes for the biofuels sector

and premises for our activities

Our mission

the implementation of green technologies on industrial scale

Environmentally friendly planet. Green trees, made of green bran

innovative company

GRINCO was founded in 2005 and to this day it invests in new innovative methods and activities, while creating new workplaces and supporting the national economy.

The company faces the future with a strong sense of responsibility motivated it to follow the path towards sustainability.

Activities of GRINCO

Since 2005, facilities for shredding, biodiesel production, frying oil collection and a solar panel park have been established.

Research & Development

The company, analyzing both short-term and long-term advancements in the biofuels sector, maintains a Research Department responsible for the continuous improvement of the final product through new technologies and minimization of production costs as well as finding new raw materials that will provide a competitive advantage.

Grinco's corporate plan is the implementation of green technologies on an industrial scale aimed at:

Developing next generation biofuels

Increasing the sustainability of materials

Reduction of carbon dioxide

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